Carol M. Klaphake
Attorney at Law

Welcome to Carol M. Klaphake P.A.

Resolving divorce and family law issues involves the most personally complex and important questions that an individual will likely ever face. At times like these having a skilled and trusted attorney is essential. The law firm of Carol M. Klaphake P.A. is solely devoted to divorce and family law. The focus provides the experience necessary to effectively and efficiently resolve even the most difficult cases. Often, agreements can be reached through creative negotiation, without the need for court litigation. Sometimes, aggressive litigation is necessary. Carol M. Klaphake will be a strong advocate for you in negotiation or litigation..

If you are facing family law or divorce matters, you need an experienced advocate on your side. Carol M. Klaphake is a fellow of the American Academy of the Matrimonial Lawyers, Supreme Court certified mediator, and an experienced family law trial lawyer. Carol is a seasoned attorney with outstanding listening and communication skills who cares about your goals and needs.

Knowledge is power. Knowledge and preparation take away the fear and allow you to face any challenge. Carol M. Klaphake looks forward to giving you that knowledge and assisting you as your attorney.
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